Hi! My name is Tomek.

Let me tell you a couple of things about myself.

Short bio

I was born on February 4, 1985 in Leszno, where I have lived all my life.

I got my first PC when I was 12. Immediately, I fell in love with it and started toying around with different things.

When I was 13, I created my first website. It was very simple. It had a black background and a couple of car photos. Some time later I learned how to make a "layout" using <table></table>. Next, I realized there is something called <div></div> and Cascading Style Sheets, so making layouts became much easier. I believe know I have improved (a lot) since then.


For the past 20+ years I have learned a lot of things. Mostly I have worked with HTML and CSS. I also tried a few programming languages, such as PHP, Python, JavaScript.

I have used many different tools: Prepros, Git, Vim/SublimeText/VSCode/Atom, Sass/Less, Grunt/Gulp, Photoshop/Adobe XD.

I mostly created websites (including WordPress) for my friends or the school I worked in.

Though I have never worked as a professional developer, I have been toying around with everything web-related for many years and I would like to turn my passion into my job now.


Schools that I graduated.

  • Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa in Leszno (ICT - postgraduate studies)
  • Wyższa Szkoła Filologiczna in Wrocław (English philology)
  • Teacher's Training College in Leszno (American English)
  • High School no 5 in Leszno (ICT and language profile)
Work experience

Places I have worked in.

  • Studio Kreacaj (web developer)
  • Language Academy 4u2 in Leszno (English lecturer)
  • Primary School no 12 in Leszno (ICT & English teacher)
  • TEB Edukacja in Leszno (English lecturer)
  • Language School EuroLink in Leszno (English lecturer)
  • Sport24.pl (journalist)